The Executive MBA HSG Team


In the past months the EMBA HSG Team went through some changes. Some of them were bigger, others not, but every single one had the aim to provide our students and alumni the best possible experience regarding the studies at the EMBA and the time following it.
We would like to take this chance to introduce you to the people standing behind the Executive MBA HSG today.



The EMBA Management


These four people are the ones that make the big decisions. When they get together the EMBA and its future is designed. Whether to consider new topics, hire new lecturers, start new partnerships or access new markets, one of them will finally be the one in charge of it.



Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jenewein

Academic Director

Dr. Markus Seitz

Head of Admissions and
Personal Development

Vice Director

PD Dr. Christian Erk

Head of Programmes

Vice Director

Andreas Bodenmüller

Head of Marketing and Recruitment



The Marketing and Recruitment Team


This is often the first contact a future student will have with the Executive MBA HSG. This team travels the world, bringing our EMBA to active and future Managers. It is in this team where the general message is formed and spread. Let it be on fairs, own events, over the website or other media. This is communication, information and consulting.


Sarah Banzer Mehling

Marketing & Recruitment Manager

Edna Bacopulos Wong

Marketing & Recruitment Manager

Jürgen Raich

Marketing & Media Manager





Gret and Michéle organize and evaluate the case studies and on-site talks for the applicants and report directly to Dr. Markus Seitz. This is one of the most important steps in an EMBA student's path. Do they have the right potential and do expectation and aim match to the programme choice? Once this obstacle is taken, the findings of this team will reflect in the Personal Development Programme, that accompanies the participants throughout the whole study time and beyond.


Gret Graf

Project Manager

Michéle Rellstab

Admissions Manager



The Programme Managers


Here is where the core competence of our product is. This Team works hard to make the study time as pleasant as possible and guarantee a smooth running. To a greater part of the students, they are organizational talent, gate keeper, and the heart and soul of the EMBA. Locations are organized, lecturers assigned, material and books ordered and delivered to the students. But more than just organizing, this team is capable of making a good plan work out great.


The experience our alumni take out of our classes would not be half as insightful and long lasting, if this job was not made at this high level. This is proved every day by the good relations our programme managers have to former students even years after completing the Executive MBA HSG.



 Christina Steinman

Programme Manager


 Danielle Ostertag

Programme Manager

Gesa Jürgens

Programme Manager

 Nathalie Schmutz

Programme Manager

 Marina Egli

Programme Manager

Gina Schlatter

Programme Manager