Fees and Scholarships


Tuition Fees


EMBA: CHF 67'000

IEMBA: CHF 76'000

GEMBA: CHF 89'000


Confirmation deposit

To confirm your enrollment we need you to pay CHF 3000 together with the signed study greement. This deposit is not refundable but it counts towards the total tuition fee. Due time is within a month after finishing the assessment.


Payment plan


In general we set up a standard payment plan with three instalments spread equaly over your study time, each being a third of the total tuition fee.

(Fees are not refundable).


Cancellation of studies is possible without incurring further costs up to two weeks after confirmation of enrollment. For cancellation up to 4 weeks before the beginning of studies, a fee of 25 % will be charged, and for later cancellations, a fee of 50 % will be charged.




Scholarships up to CHF 10'000 for EMBA and IEMBA and up to 15'000 for GEMBA are granted in the following categories:

- Sustainability

- Women in Leadership

- Excellence in Leadership

- Entrepreneurs

- Non-profit Management


The scholarship motivation letter shall be included along with your full application to one of our EMBA HSG programmes.


Additionally we offer a limited special scholarship for Emerging Economies (Eastern Europe) worth up to CHF 20'000. In order to apply for this submit your application letter along with your income information to emba@unig.ch when applying for one of our programmes.


Corporate Scholarships


Thanks to the support of our partner Credit Suisse, we offer a Corporate Scholarship. It aims to increase the heterogeneity of our participants and gives applicants with extraordinary personalities, outstanding qualifications, and potential the chance to obtain a place in the program. This merit-based scholarship is open to self-financing students and is worth up to CHF 32'000.


Application deadline is 31 October each year. A decision on the recipient of the scholarship is usually taken by Credit Suisse until February of the following year.  

For more information please click here


The selection committee reserves the right not to award a scholarship if the selection criteria are not met.


SWISS Travel Scholarship


The University of St.Gallen is proud to offer GEMBA HSG participants a travel scholarship worth CHF 5000 for flights, exclusively in cooperation with SWISS International Air Lines. All destinations of the GEMBA HSG programme, St.Gallen (Zurich) (SUI), Los Angeles (USA), Rio de Janeiro (BRA), Dubai (UAE), Cape Town (RSA) and Shanghai (CHN) are SWISS (codeshare) destinations. If you are interested in the SWISS Travel Scholarship, please submit your written application of approximately two pages with your application to the GEMBA HSG programme directly to the University of St.Gallen. Please explain your specific need and why you should be the one selected for the support of SWISS International Air Lines.