The Executive MBA HSG is the oldest and most successful Executive MBA programme taught in German language. Over a period of 18 months the programme provides you with management expertise and opportunities for personal development. By solving case studies and exchanging with top executives you will further strengthen your skills to add competitive value to your company. Almost all modules take place in St.Gallen.







Study Time

Study Fees



BRICS Country

12 core courses

4 elective courses

18 months over all

80 days on-campus

10 days off-campus

CHF 67'000



Programme Design


The EMBA HSG programmes folows a modular concept with a duration of 18 months an a predefined structure. The study can be started in spring or autumn each year. The programme consists of 80 days on-campus, organized in one- to two-week module. The weekends are generaly free time as well as the time in between the modules. This design allows you to keep up with your family and business life while studying at the University of St.Gallen.


The main topics of the EMBA HSG are taught in core modules which are supplemented by elective courses. This setup allows our participants to set highlights and focal points in exactly the materia they regard as most valuable for them personally. "International Management" is an abroad module bringing the class to a non-european destination to gain insights in that local market.


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Core Courses


Successful leaders are well prepared for the challenges of todays economy. The core courses of the EMBA HSG take care of the main topics finance, strategy and marketing and form a solid base. Further the participants are trained in topics as leadership, integrative management, entrepreneurship, financial accounting and many more. To achieve the best possible outcome, lecturers use e-learning techniques, group work and different business projects.


Core Course List for EMBA 52 (Spring 2017):


The Art of Modern Leadership


Prof. Dr. Jenewein

06.03. – 10.03.2017St.Gallen

Der St.Galler Management Ansatz


PD Dr. Erk 13.03. – 17.03.2017St.Gallen

Finanzielle Rechnungslegung und Revision  


Prof. Evenett, PhD08.05. – 12.05.2017St.Gallen
Strategie I


Prof. Dr. Müller-Stewens
26.06. – 30.06.2017St.Gallen



Dr. Jaeger 07.08. – 11.08.2017St.Gallen

Marketing I  


Prof. Dr. Tomczak18.09. – 22.09.2017St.Gallen



Prof. Dr. Sander & Lutz23.10. – 27.10.2017 St.Gallen
Ökonomie für Manager


Prof. Dr. Binswanger 15.01. – 19.01.2018St.Gallen



Dr. Tockenbürger 26.02. – 02.03.2018 St.Gallen

Technologie- & Innovationsmanagement  


Prof. Dr. Gassmann

23.04. – 27.04.2018St.Gallen

Integratives Abschlussprojekt


Dr. Tockenbürger & Dr. Wittmer 20.08. – 23.08.2018St.Gallen

Internationales Management  


Prof. Dr. Casas24.08. – 31.08.2018extern

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Elective Courses


We regard the very heterogenous business backgrounds of our participants as a core value of the EMBA HSG programmes. With the electives of which 4 have to be chosen, we make sure every participant can focus individually on his needs and strenghts. Every elective complements or extends the topics of the core courses and gives the opportunity of a further sepcialisation.


Elective Course List for EMBA 52 (Spring 2017):


Wirtschaft und Recht


Prof. Dr. Müller

01.05. – 05.05.2017 St.Gallen

Corporate Governance


Prof. Dr. Hilb03.07. – 07.07.2017 St.Gallen

Strategie II: Competing for Advantage 


Prof. Dr. Ambos & Prof. Dr. Zimmermann 14.08. – 18.08.2017St.Gallen



Prof. Dr. Grichnik 16.10. – 20.10.2017 St.Gallen

Corporate Social Responsibility


Prof. Dr. Beschorner 27.11. – 01.12.2017 St.Gallen

Leadership at the Top


Prof. Dr. Bruch 04.12. – 08.12.2017 St.Gallen



Dr. Oertig16.04. – 20.04.2018 St.Gallen

 Business Analytics & Artificial Intelligence


Prof. Dr. Binswanger 14.05. – 18.05.2018St.Gallen

 Marketing II


Prof. Dr. Schögel 04.06. – 08.06.2018 Berlin

 Verhandlungsführung & Konfliktmanagement 


Dr. Lassert 25.06. – 29.06.2018St.Gallen

 Finanzielle Führung II


Prof. Dr. Möller02.07. – 06.07.2018 St.Gallen

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