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Meet my Background @ AIRBUS

On Friday 22 April 2016, the IEMBA HSG Alumni has organized its first annual "Meet my Background Event", by visiting a workplace of one of its members. Luckily, the first visit was in AIRBUS facilities in Hamburg, where participants had a chance to spend half a day.


The program consisted of a tour through Research and Development center where latest ideas are being tested, as well as assembly lines where participants had a chance to witness how various planes from A320 as well as A380 range are being produced. Finally, the tour covered the delivery center where lucky airline owners come with their pilots to collect the ordered planes. The event was a great success with some great insights into the aviation industry and its future. Needless to say, the tour was followed by a great sightseeing of a very picturesque Hamburg with a great networking event at the evening. Again, many thanks to our IEMBA HSG member Kai Arndt who works for AIRBUS and provided us all with this amazing experience.


The event just proved the power of the IEMBA HSG growing network and the need to proceed with such exiting events. Therefore, the next event is planned at another exciting location around spring 2017 with details to be announced in the next newsletter. Please stay tuned!