SilverFoxHub – Alumni Club for Entrepreneuship


We are excited to announce that the group of IEMBA Alumni have set-up a separate Alumni Club for members who are excited to get involved with HSG grown start-ups. The idea is that former EMBA graduates can continue learning by being a part of an active "never stop learning" start-up community and contribute their valuable business experience to start-ups.


SilverFoxHub members get full access to a portfolio of already pre-filtered startups and can engage in coaching, mentoring as well as seed-financing. The Hub provides an opportunity to invest smaller tickets (no limits set), syndicate it with other Alumni, and actively coach startups throughout the whole cycle.  Compared to publicly accessible crowdfunding platforms, SilverFoxHub in addition enables its members to have an ongoing involvement in the start-up subsequent to the investment.


SilverFoxHub portolio startu-ps get first hand advice from former MBA graduates with an average of 10+ years of experience in various business segments, benefit from reach and connections from all Hub members and, most importantly, benefit from smart, genuine and honest feedback.


In collaboration with the HSG Center for Entrepreneurship, SilverFoxHub has already organized two pitching events in St. Gallen and Zürich where startups and investors had the chance to exchange startup pitches and connect and the events proved to be a great success.


Looking ahead, SilverFoxHub is motivated to further scale up and contribute to the powerful impact of the Entrepreneurship ecosystem around the HSG. If you are interested in joining SilverFoxHub, have an exciting start-up idea or are a Business Executive seeking for more startup engagement, please visit for more details.