International Executive MBA HSG



The International Executive MBA HSG (IEMBA HSG) is one of the top English language Executive MBA programmes. The programme provides you with the skills and competences necessary for management of a corporation to persist in today's rapidly changing international markets. This programme consists of seven modules and lasts 18 months. Most modules take place in St.Gallen, one in Cape Town and one in Dubai.








Study Time


Study Fees



Cape Town


11 core courses

3 elective courses

18 months over all

70 days on-campus

20 days off-campus

CHF 76'000



Programme Design


The IEMBA HSG consists of 11 core courses, three electives and an integrated personal development programme, spread over seven modules. In addition, participants are required to submit a Master’s thesis. Five of the modules are held on campus in St. Gallen, while two modules take participants to Cape Town, South Africa and Istanbul, Turkey. Each course and elective lasts five days and runs from Monday to Friday. Overall, the programme comprises 90 days, 70 days on campus and 20 days off campus. Future-oriented and with a focus on digitization, the IEMBA HSG utilizes a cutting-edge didactic approach, harnessing the opportunities afforded by blended learning. The e-learning content is delivered via an academic iPad issued to all participants.


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Core Courses


In order to succeed in the international economic environment, executives require not only comprehensive knowledge of general management, but also the skills and vision to rise to the challenges of the contemporary business world. The IEMBA HSG core courses provide this foundation, covering subjects such as finance, strategy and economics from an international perspective. Courses also include personal development training and speaker series as well as social and sports events. To complement the on-campus sessions, participants study remotely by means of state-of-the-art e-learning tools, group assignments, business projects and essays.


Core Course List for IEMBA 5 (2017):


Leadership & Social Competence 


Prof. Dr. Jenewein

07.08. – 10.08.2017

St.Gallen Management Model I



Economics for Executives


Prof. Evenett, PhD14.08. – 18.08.2017St.Gallen

Corporate Accounting


Prof. Dr. Ruud06.11. – 10.11.2017St.Gallen

Strategic Management


Prof. Sewchurran, PhD05.02. – 09.02.2018Cape Town

International Marketing


Prof. Bick, PhD12.02. – 16.02.2018Cape Town

Corporate Finance


Prof. Dr. Morkötter16.04. – 20.04.2018Extern

Innovation Management


Prof. Dr. Gassmann18.06. – 22.06.2018St.Gallen

Management Accounting


Dr. Truijens15.10. – 19.10.2018Dubai

Operations Management


Dr. Tockenbürger

22.10. – 26.10.2018Dubai

Sustainability Management


Prof. Ruttmann 21.01. – 25.01.2019St.Gallen

Leadership & Social Competence II


Prof. Dr. Jenewein 28.01. – 29.01.2019St.Gallen

The SGMM II: Integrative Capstone Project


Prof. Dr. Tomas Casas / Lee Howell30.01. – 01.02.2019St.Gallen

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Elective Courses


To ensure the IEMBA HSG meets the individual requirements of all members of the cohort, participants are given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and specialize further by taking electives in areas of particular personal interest. There are a wide variety of electives to choose from, all designed specifically to complement the IEMBA HSG core curriculum and reflect participants’ goals. Participants are required to complete three electives during the programme.


Elective Course List for IEMBA 5 (2017):




Prof. Dr. Grichni

11.09. – 15.09.2017St.Gallen

Corporate Governance


Prof. Dr. Hilb02.10. – 06.10.2017St.Gallen

Negotiations & Conflict Management


Dr. Lassert04.12. – 08.12.2017St.Gallen

Business Law


tbd11.12. – 15.12.2017St.Gallen

B2B-Marketing & Sales


Prof. Dr. Schmitz03.09. – 07.09.2018St.Gallen

Social Media Management


Hanlon10.09. – 14.09.2018St.Gallen

Download the programme calender here!